Saturday, July 23, 2011

Why do you run?

I started to write this about 20 times.  I started it over a week ago... and then, something happened.  Something that made me wonder....

It wasn't a bad thing that happened, it was... just unfortunate.  Someone said something to me, defending their own point of view, that made me realize that they didn't get me.

At all.

And the thing that was said, well; it was kinda harsh.  Unintentionally harsh, but still ~harsh~.

But you know sometimes how unfortunate things make you think?  I just wondered, if this person understood why I do this, maybe they would get me and cease making unintentionally hurtful comments.  And then I realized - wait...  I'll come back to that...

Jenny, a Silver MTT runner recently blogged about why she runs.  She was very specific in her reasons. I admire her for taking the time to put them down in writing.

DeeR, a SNOW runner blogged here that she only runs because it’s part of the triathlon.  Apparently those pesky tri folks at USAT aren’t ready to find a more desirable 3rd leg for DeeR’s needs… so she runs because she must.  I get that.  I guess.  

It’s not the reason I run though.  Not even close.  In fact, in this regard, DeeR & I couldn’t be more different.

Why do I run?  It’s personal.  And simple. 

I run because I love it.... and why does a person fall in love?  Who knows... really....

I run because I always thought I knew my limits, and knew that it was stupid to push past those limits into a certainty of failure….  until I met running and found a whole new level of stupidity to test.  Failure can happen, but for me, running has shown me that not trying is a greater disappointment.

I run because I love to skirt the line between blowing up and exploding… and yeah, those are two very different things.

I run because it's a series of contradictions.  I love how it makes me feel invincible and mortal at the same time.  

I run because I love how I feel powerful when I accomplish a hard run, and how the very act of doing it makes me stronger.

I run because I’m a bit like a drug addict and running is my heroin.  My life is measured in the quantity and quality of my Heroin Use in General.

But mostly, I run because it makes me happy to run.

Writing that down makes me think that everyone has a reason for doing this.  And (here's what I was thinking I wanted to come back to) no one's reasons are going to be the same.

Even if the reason looks the same, it’s probably different.

15 runners on GBA equates to 15 different reasons to run.  50 runners on SNOW equals 50 reasons…. And 1200 or so runners on MTT … you get it. 

By the way, that’s 1200 TEAMMATES to support YOU and respect YOUR reasons…  and 1200 TEAMMATES you should support and RESPECT for their reasons.

Even if their reasons are not the same as yours.  Even, if you look at your dear friend DeeR and think, "but this is AWESOME!  Why don't you love this like I DO?"  Even if you are tempted to judge someone because they train harder than you, or not as hard as you, or run 6 days a week, or run 3 days a week, or wear tall socks, or don't wear tall socks...
(which is a mystery to me why more people don't wear them ~ they're terribly comfortable...).

Chances are, unless you’re really outgoing, you’re not going to meet all 1200 MTT runners. 

Here’s my suggestion though.  Support and respect the ones you do meet.  After all, nearly everyone on MTT shares the common goal of “laying down 26.2 miles their own way”.

I try to meet as many people as possible.  I like to introduce myself.  I like to know Sonja, and Cheryl, and Miriam's names because who knows who you'll meet on race morning, or more importantly, on race afternoon at mile 23 when seeing a familiar face is not just "nice"... it's more like seeing an oasis in the desert.  in july.  during a heat wave.  

And I'm not going to lie, ever since reading Jenny & DeeR's posts, I have been tempted to ask every MTT runner I meet... "Why do you run?"

So do me a favor and answer this question today:  Why do you run? 

If you want to comment, I’d love to know your reason.  Take as many words or as few as you like...

Or write it down and keep it for yourself and know that you KNOW why you run.

Or if you don’t want to comment publicly, but you’re willing to share - you can send me e-mail (nmomof3 (at) gmail (dot) com.  

And if you feel like it ~ ID yourself as novice, intermediate, advanced, coach, or non MTT runner. 

All are welcome to drink the Koolaid here.... no matter their reasons for running.

~savor the run~


  1. I run because it makes me a better me. And I look damn hot in knee socks ...

  2. I run because it makes me a better... EVERYTHING!

    I RUN because it is my thing... my time... I get to be Jen and not K & B's mom, L's wife... PTA President.... just Jen. And I love it.

  3. Thanks for the shout out!! I feel so honored!

  4. My reasons for running have evolved over the years, and I'm not entirely sure which "camp" I fall into. I began running because it was recommended as part of "getting in shape", back when I was 30 lbs. lighter than I am today. Then it was to be a better soccer player and have more endurance. When I started training for my first marathon, it was to have the bragging rights of having done a marathon. And now I run because it's what I do, and the people I run with, and how much they give back in enthusiasm, energy and excitement for life which I need so desperately as everything else in life seems to want to tear those parts out of me. And so I hit the pavement, alone or with others, connect with the incredible beings who are my running buddies, and become happier.

    And while I may never win my age group, beat my last PR, or set any other record, I still end up winning.

  5. Yes, I run because I HAVE to as part of a sport I love and get off on the way you do running. I run because I was the fat kid growing up, the out of shape teenager that smoked and was overweight, the 4 time mom with baby weight to lose. I run because my mom told me I would die if I ever ran a marathon and here I am still hahahaha!! I run because my legs still work and still listen to my brain even though I have MS. The biggest reason I run is because I CAN and someday it might be I CANNOT. I run because my bucket list gets longer every day. So now that my marathon is off of my bucket list, I added an Ironman.

    Every run is a blessing, every race, no matter how I do is a blessing, every person I meet that touches my life because of my running is a blessing. Probably my favorite reason that I run, the people that I meet while I'm running down the street...