Saturday, July 9, 2011

WAR and piece

In the war between woman versus chafe... there can be only one winner.

It has become quite the ritual in my house.  Long run morning I stand before a mirror in my skivvies armed with a tube of anti-chafe.  

Since my heart rate monitor chafed me last week… this week, I lathered up that piece of me.

The week prior I had chafed on my lower back.  Odd, right?  OK, glide that piece too.

And then there are the standard spots that aren’t really blog worthy.  Well, I mean, I could mention them, and if you NEED to know details because you're having chafe-issues you can e-mail me…  but why don’t we just say that since these parts are usually covered by my “unmentionables”, I’m pretty sure the blog could get “flagged”, so… yeah.  Moving on…

It’s July.

The war of chafe is in full force. And right now, it’s going poorly for the allies. 

Chafe wars are a lot like WWII.  They start as an isolated theater, one “country” divided… and the next thing you know, there are battles on both fronts, and you’re in a global assault.

As I said, it’s July, and it’s the salt that’s the problem. 

I’m a salty sweater.  Sexy, true?  

At least I’m not an itchy sweater, or a wool sweater, though I know I’m plenty soft, which might make me a soft sweater, but I'm not sure...  

BY THE WAY.  Did you know that salt is an excellent exfoliator.  Yeah, I've noticed that too.  And while this could be good information to have if you're interested in removing skin for pedicures or facials... as far as running goes...  not the best news.

This week, I was 100% certain I had addressed ALL the possible chafe spots.  I applied GLIDE with military precision, using a global strategy that was FOOL PROOF.


About that fool proof strategy…

I didn’t get any chaffing in the usual 18 spots.  Nope.  Instead I got…

belly button chafe. 

Yeah, seriously.  How is that even possible?  My shirt must’ve been “just right” for “just long enough” today.  10 miles down, and I’ve got a chafed belly button to prove it. 

I guess THERE YOU HAVE IT.  A valid argument for running “clear” on the long runs.

Of course, there are still 384 valid arguments in favor of me keeping my shirt firmly in place.

~savor the run~

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