Sunday, July 3, 2011

What? Me Run

Wow, my first blogging experience. This is fair warning...I know I am following behind experienced bloggers so bare with me. So...we have this individual...pretty much at the lowest time in her life. She signs up for a running group where she hopes to meet new friends and maybe, just maybe become a runner in the process. At the first meeting you can see her standing in the back corner of the room, tears streaming down her face feeling like she totally doesn't belong. Everyone around her is talking, "running talk" PR's, pace, tempo runs, and race goals ....Crap, what the heck does all that mean?? All she wanted to do was make new friends. And the worst part was that after the meeting they were going out to run 6 miles. Really?? But it is our first day. Guess that is why they called it "Advanced 10k training". That's how it all began..3 years ago. Well let me tell you how her life has changed... She had a very wise coach during that training that said "your running friends will become life long friends, people you can always count on." He encouraged her to sign up for MTT. It took a year....but here I am ladies. And yes, Tony was right. I have met life long friends. To the posse, I say thank have no idea what you have truly done for me. To all runners, I say thank you. And to people that don't run...I say START....It has the potential to change your life. This I know is true...

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  1. I love this post... and you 3L. I'm so glad that the universe conspired to bring us together.