Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rule the World

Rule the World:  It's a RUNNERS WORLD!

I am a fan of Run Like A Mother: The Book.

There are a few reasons for that, but I think one of the main ones is that I’m a longtime admirer of one of the authors, Sarah Bowen Shea.  She's totally GBA (galactically bada**)

Now, if SBS’s name rings a bell, that’s because she also writes for this little running publication called Runners World.  maybe you've heard of it?

So when SBS mentioned me by name on her & Dim’s blog as a “fashionista she admires”, I was beyond flattered.  (<--- understatement of century there).  Imagine my surprise when she contacted me for an interview for the feature article she was writing on running fashion for Runners World!

True. Story.


I'm a skirt a holic.

I love my socks.  The taller the better.  Compression or not, I run in LOUD socks.

I consider myself a *SOCK runner.

I love how the socks are functional and "slightly naughty".

photo courtesy of Deb Harper.
And yeah, it's "slightly naughty", true? 


I’m being quoted in the August edition of Runners World!

In the cover story.  

Written by an author I admire.  

Is this really my life?  

Oh yes, I think it is…  

And my bestie, T, of Racing with Babes & a fellow member of Sports Backers MTT YELLOW SNOW?

Well of course she’s modeling the look that I talk about.  Because really, if I’m going to be featured in Runners World Magazine, T’s going to be right there with me.  Together as always, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

*SOCK runner – Stylish and Obviously Completely Kicka$$ Runner

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