Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Letter to MTT "Alaska"


Yeah I'm out that Brooklyn.

Now I'm down in Tribeca.
Right next to DeNiro

But I'll be heard forever

I'm the new Sinatra

And since (you) made it here
(you) can make it anywhere
(Yeah we love you everywhere)

Cruising down 8th street
Off-white Tall Socks
 Driving so slow 

(but Birch, it's from Texas!!) 

Me I'm out that BedStuy

Home of that boy Biggie
now I live on Billboard
and I brought my posse with me

Say what up to gba, 
still sipping Mimosas

...tell by my attitude that I'm MOST DEFINITELY RUNNING IN…

New York!!!!
 Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,

There's nothing you can’t do,

Now you're in New York!!!

These streets will make you feel brand new,

the lights will inspire you…

Let's hear it for Birch cos he’s out running New York!

Dear Birch,

So…  I was listening to this a few weeks ago, and heard the Texas line and thought – hellz to the yeaH!

First things first:  Don’t get over heated on Race Day.  Got that?

You are a great coach.  I know you have a plan.  Of course, you know when I’m running a marathon and things get tough, I have some race strategies of my own to get me through.  I thought, I should SHARE THESE bits of BRILLIANCE with Birch...  Unfortunately, I don’t think they’re all going to work for you.  

You’re JUST not going to look as good as I do in tall socks and a short skirt so people will cheer for you.

Instead, I think maybe, just maybe, we need to go in a different direction with you…

On Race Day, if you get to a spot that feels rough or you start to doubt, just remember that you’re like ALASKA.  You have an inner strength that is FOUR TIMES the size of TEXAS.  Believe that.

And if you feel tired, it’s ALWAYS ok to ask for MORE COWBELL!

And if someone says “Just keep going, just keep going!”, the proper response is “That’s what she said!”

And remember that You’ve got GREAT STAMINA…. call me!


Run like SNOT!

You are Galactically Bada**.

~savor the run~

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