Monday, November 7, 2011

and then what V?

My husbands stupid cat woke me up at o'Freaking Early hour this morning.

Stupid cat.

Doesn't he know it's race week?

Doesn't he get it?

I'm supposed to be sleeping late every day this week. I'm supposed to be cozy in my bed, snuggled in under 2 extra blankets.

Instead I found myself hobbling down the stairs to set him free.  He danced a ballet of celebration, floating through the dark.  My gait was awkward.  A straight jacket posing as a sock cinched my foot into a contortionist pose.  I could barely manage an igor-like hobble through the dark house.

The cold tile floor bit into my feet on a hiss.

Wretched cat.

My eyes were half closed, or perhaps, half open as I fumbled with the locking mechanism on the door.

Will Feral, the aptly named wretched cat, laced his soft orange body through my legs humming like an electric razor.  His entire body vibrated with his purring song.

Finally, successful, I flung the door open.

The shock of cold air immobilized my companion.

The shock of cold air immobilized me.

We stared into the morning.  The vastness was overwhelming, leaving me empty and insignificant.  I looked up into the stars, and I felt the sky look back into me.  It brushed my soul, leaving only a dewy finger print.

A perfect letter V was etched into the inky curtain, and it taunted me.  I breathed a sigh as the magic washed over me.

V... victory.
V.... and then what V?....
V.... for V, my dear friend...

It's a sign.  A sign of greatness.  A sign of the moment that lays before us.  It's...

...nothing special.  Seriously.  These stars have been here for ~like~ a hundred million years.  There is nothing special about them today.  They are not flaunting their V.  They are not displaying this perfection for me alone, it is simply a high pressure system keeping the clouds at bay.

There's no magic.  It's just a Monday.  Get over yourself....

As thought this, I closed my hand over the door to slide it closed, and a shooting star lanced across the sky.  I couldn't stop the smile.

Message received....

oh yes.... There is magic out there waiting for us every day.  Even on Mondays.

~savor the run~

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  1. Your stars are aligned. Thanks Kitteh for waking Ginny up to see her destiny this weekend!