Friday, August 26, 2011

Yes, it Was Good For Me Too!

I had to post a quickie *muah*. Stop thinking like that!

I know I have said in the past I hate running, and I still do. In training for this Ironman I have put my run training last in order of priority. I HAD to get my swim technique dialed in, I had to gain my confidence back on my bike. After my ankle injury, and having to wear a brace on my left ankle, that's the side I prefer to clip into and out of my pedals on, I lost my balance and subsequently fell A LOT. I would look at my bike and she would fricking jump me, so I rode as little as possible. We needed to make peace, I am going to have to be with her for 112 miles. I want it to be like I am hanging with my best friend, not riding my ex-boyfriend. No awkwardness, just good times.

Running, she became my muse in reverse. Someone would say we had whatever distance we had to run on our training plan and I would cringe whether it 3 miles or 16. I'd rather be living in Caiina in Inferno for crying out loud! Toss me in that last circle of Hell because that's how I was feeling about running. What to do, what to do? I am breaking out in a cold sweat worrying about this.

I had my A-HA moment today. Last year I liked running way better then I do this year, why? Last year I focused only on my running. Was religious with my hill repeats and track workouts, had really worked hard with the 10k training team before MTT. Rarely missed a training run.

Duh, I need to get back to basics. Those basics were hills for me today. And as I ran up and down that hill 11 times like a honey badger, I felt better and better. My times reflect that too.

I will be training in reverse these next few weeks. Dialing my distances back a little, including hill repeats in my weekly workouts, and not missing a training run during the week. I am hoping by the end of a few weeks my little experiment will boost my running and my confidence. I am thinking it will. We'll see.

I want to be able to say, and truly mean it, when my husband looks at me when we're done running and asks, "My run was great today, how was it for you babe?"

"honey, it was good for me too!"

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