Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Keep the Change

Last year I ran Sports Backers MTT on one of the coveted Sunday teams.

See, the Sunday teams have an IDENTITY.

They are either PINK NATION, or, my team, SNOT ROCKETS.

They're obnoxious names, true.  Perhaps that's because they are paired with even more obnoxious coaches?  Regardless, part of the appeal of the Sunday Funday Team is the ridiculousness, right?


I made a plan to return to MTT SUNDAY.  I was going to return to the SNOT ROCKETS.
Green, it's the New Black.
Run Like SNOT.

There are many great slogans associated with the Green Team.  

And then.  THE HEAD COACH for SNOT moved up in the organization.

It effing sucks, he's like, the best.coach.ever. and I was really looking forward to running with him again..  and no, I'm not the only idiot who thinks that he's super fun to run with even though he's a safety NAZI, or who thinks he's hot (we've discussed the VA heat?  ~ it's hot here in VA) ... but no. management.  it sucks, it...

WHOOPS, did I say that out loud?  I think what I meant to say was  ~ awesome ~  Right?  How wonderful and exciting for him!  ~Yea~   ahem.

Still, I knew that meant Coach El would move up, and she's marvelous, knows a wicked lot about running, is straight shooter, has a cute laugh, and is the kind of person who tells you to stick your finger down your throat and vom at mile 20.... she's really the perfect coach in a lot of ways.

I figured that Coach El would become the coach of SNOT.  Life was good.

Except I recently found out.

I am no. longer. a. SNOT ROCKET.

El has a new color.

It made me sad.

Really sad.

For a few seconds there, I actually felt less than GBA.

How was I going to run a marathon, like snot, if I wasn't actually a snot rocket anymore?  Even worse news followed.  I found out that the new color is my least. favorite.color.  Seriously.



Like ~ cowardly, daffodils, dandelions, rubber duckies, school busses, #2 pencils, lemons, bile, jaundice, caution tape, terror alerts.... or mellow... or...  Like ~ not GREEN.

And then it came to me.

in an e-mail.  what'ev. 

"Now the question is will the Yellow Team create an identity?  Will the creative talents of its' members shine through to develop a Team Name that will live in infamy?"

Nice.  No pressure or anything... besides what could I possibly have that could measure up to Green SNOT?

and then about 20 hours later I had one of those thoughts that makes you stop in your tracks, and it was, we're not lemons.  Lemons are rejects.  We're untouchable we're...

Yellow SNOW.

How many times in my life have I said, "Don't touch the yellow snow!"

You can't touch Yellow Snow.

Does that make yellow snow untouchable?

Just curious.

Now.  To pitch this to the team...

With my luck, they'll be all excited about being the LEMON ZEST or RUBBER DUCKS... you know?

"Coach El, when life hands you lemons, hand them a GU and tell them to run a marathon!" ~ there's a slogan...

Or the DUCKS, which, I hear are mighty, but I'm pretty sure they're talking about Hockey Ducks, and not Rubber Duckies which are yellow.

And besides, one slip of the hand while typing THAT team name and there's going to be real trouble.

Yeah.  I think I need to go pitch my Yellow SNOW idea ASAP.

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